Welcome to Cyp Automotive Consultancy, the premier destination for importing and exporting your dream vehicles with ease and expertise. Founded by a seasoned expert in international vehicle logistics, we specialize in streamlining the import/export process, ensuring compliance with all regulations, and delivering personalized service that exceeds expectations.

CYP automotive

At Cyp Automotive Consultancy, I offer you a seamless car import and export experience, distinguished by personalized service and expert attention to detail. Operating as a solo entrepreneur, I bypass the bureaucratic hurdles, delivering efficient, direct communication and swift service. My approach ensures your journey through the intricate process of vehicle transactions is smooth and straightforward.


Expertly navigating the complex tapestry of international vehicle transactions, I handle compliance, documentation, and logistics with precision. Cyp Automotive Consultancy is committed to the meticulous management of every aspect, from customs clearance to the professional transportation of your vehicle, be it a cherished classic or a modern marvel. Opting for my consultancy means choosing a partner who values the safety and compliance of your vehicle’s delivery as much as you do.

Our mission:

Our lifelong passion for cars, coupled with extensive experience in logistics, led us to create Cyp Automotive Consultancy. Through the years, We’ve built a network of trusted partners worldwide, enabling us to offer tailored solutions for your vehicle import and export needs.
Whether you’re a fellow enthusiast or a business in motion, We’re dedicated to ensuring your vehicle’s journey is seamless and stress-free. Feel free to reach out for a chat and a free quote!

Join us on our journey!

Whether you’re looking to import your dream car, relocate your business fleet, or simply need assistance transporting a vehicle overseas, Cyp Automotive Consultancy is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can make your international vehicle transport experience seamless and stress-free.


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